Triumphator Zophiel - Zozito


He is very kind, handsome and clever boy. He is a true male, he love the girls and guard them. He have nice show results and perfect health tests-results. He has correct bite and complete toothing, good black pigmentation, nice brown eyes. His movement is nice graceful-, but very powerful. He is very happy and funny boy. Very promising on racing and coursing tracks as his mom and dad. I entered him to shows in Hungary, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Belgium and also to the 2015's World dog show, where he got excellent and short listed (TOP5!) in the really strong open class, he was the most successful Barzoi male on the WDS from our country, Hungary. He won Amsterdam Winner title, and he is the one and the only Barzoi who won the BeNeLux Winner, Holland Cup Winner and Belgian Winner titles from Hungary!
FajtaOrosz agár (Borzoi)
Kennel neveTriumphator
fedező kanTovábbi információért vegye fel a kapcsolatot a tulajdonossal!
EredményeiInternationale Champion de Beauté
Hungarian Grand Champion
Hungarian Show Champion
Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Junior Champion
Super Best In Show
Best In Show
Runner-Up Best In Show
Best In Show 3rd on Clubshow 2017
3x Junior Best In Show Speciality
4x Best Of Group
3x Res.Best Of Group
4x Best Of Group III.
Holland Cup Winner 2015
Amsterdam Winner 2015
BeNeLux Winner 2015
Belgian Winner 2015
Grand Prix Winner of Hungary 2015 & 2016
3x Junior Speciality Winner 2014
2x Clubwinner 2016 & 2017
Best Head Winner on Clubshow 2017
Speciality Winner 2017
Multiple BOB, Multiple CACIB

Cardio Free (tested)
DCM Negative (tested)
DM N/N (tested)
Full teething, scissor bite
Apa kennel neveaus dem Zarenreich
Apa neveLadianov
Anya kennel neveCárok Öröksége
Anya neveAphrodite
Utolsó módosítás2017-09-12 18:24:47
OrszágMagyarország - Budapest
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